Say yes to “The Healthy Chef!

We have some fun news! Next week, we not only launch Let’s Move weeks, but also run a pilot with a new, kick-ass healthy partnership: fresh meals from The Healthy Chef.
For anyone who likes to combine a healthy lifestyle with good food, meals from The Hague-based The Healthy Chef are ideal. The dishes are well thought out, as the right number of macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) per meal will get you your nutrients.
So starting March 14, you can get a delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the club. Take it cold or eat it warmed up in the lounge. Breakfast for €7 and lunch or dinner for €14. And even more fun, during this trial period, €1 from every breakfast sold and €2 from every lunch or dinner sold will go to Let’s Move’s charity!
Do you prefer meat, fish or veg? Then you can even pre-order with us. Every Wednesday we get the menu and pass on our wishes for the following week. This way, your healthy meal fits right in with your week.