Pilates is a strenuous physical and mental workout with the emphasis on improving our strength, coordination, balance and flexibility. It also reduces stress levels, improves concentration and strengthens the immune system. Carried out  on a floor mat, Pilates is suitable for people of all ages looking to find peace of mind.

Pilates in The Hague

Figures show that individuals who do pilates regularly live healthier lives and their bodies and minds are more balanced. Taking some pilates classes can do wonders for a person’s physical and mental constitution. By considering pilates, you can ensure more inner peace and a calmer feeling about yourself. After all, you live more in the “now” and you are fully aware of your surroundings, your feelings and your focus.

All you need to get started with pilates classes at Max Health Club is your own mat, nothing more.

Pilates benefits at Max Health Club

Looking for pilates in Voorburg The Hague or Scheveningen, Max Health Club offers pilates classes, pilates fitness, both advanced and beginners. All classes are led by an experienced pilates instructor who you can turn to with all your questions. In addition to pilates classes, we also offer yoga, fitness, sauna, pool, aerobics, group classes and more.

Reasons to start at Max Health Club abound. In fact, through pilates you can improve your posture and prevent and remedy any injuries, as the spine and the rest of the body become much stronger and more flexible. Another added benefit is the stress reduction and increase in body awareness; after all, you are more concerned with your body than your worries. Pilates, by the way, is also an excellent way to stay in shape or lose weight.

Request your trial week immediately

If you want to start pilates classes soon, Max Health Club is the ideal gym. After all, with us, human health is number one, which is why we also focus on creating additional awareness when it comes to a healthy body and relaxed mind. According to several people who take pilates classes in The Hague, this gym is one of the best in the region. You can come to us for pilates in Scheveningen and pilates in Voorburg.

Before you start pilates at Max Health Club, request a completely cost-free trial week. A trial week is a week at the gym during which you can use all pilates facilities without paying for them. However, as the name suggests, the trial week lasts only 7 days. Don’t want to exercise at Max Health Club after that? Then you can stop your subscription without obligation.