Swimming lessons for children at Swim School Max

Swimming lessons at Zwemschool Max are taught according to the lesson plan of the official swimming ABC. The format consists of the groups: water-free (Mini Max), elementary swimming (Basic Max), preparatory swimming (Junior Max), level A, level B and level C.

Swim School Max has a brand new 1.35-meter deep pool. The young children cannot stand and learn to float and save themselves from day one. There is minimal use of flotation devices (corks) at Swim School Max. However, the instructors at Swim School Max will sometimes use aids (flexibeam) to improve a swim stroke or give a child more grip.

When can your child participate?

Children are expected to already have some water experience and be at least four and a half years old. During the first trial lesson, the instructors at Swim School Max will do an assessment and you will hear if he/she can participate in the lessons.

The swimming lessons at Swim School Max

Classes last 45 minutes. Each group consists of 4 to 5 children. This way, your child will get a lot of personal attention and will master swimming faster. Your child’s progress will be tracked by the swim instructors. You can see this for yourself, so you have a good view of your child’s progress. After 12 weeks, classes are completed with another group or with a diploma.