Sustainability & Max Health Club

The impact we want to leave as a club is to create or have a healthy lifestyle. This can be deduced from our mission and vision. A healthy lifestyle goes beyond the club. It’s something that starts with yourself and that you have control over day in and day out. We as a club want to help you with this by having awareness of a healthy environment within our walls.

2022 has been a year in which the club has sought to broaden its impact. Beautiful sustainability collaborations have emerged with partners such as Stichting Lotje and HWW Care, so that vulnerable groups also get moving. For this year, it is important that we continue these collaborations and make an even greater impact. The groups come to move in our house, or we go to them.

Not only is this impact highly valued, but we also want to support our local community. We are clubs for people from the local area and what could be better than the fact that local organizations also know how to find each other. We work with local product suppliers, as well as suppliers who are also involved in this topic.

To connect with the same types of companies, it is extremely important that everything in-house is also well organized. We separate waste, use ecological cleaning products, reuse materials when possible and go through a clear protocol when something new needs to be purchased. These are things we didn’t consider as much in the past, but today they are elements that are dealt with first. Our own clothing line is also made of organic cotton material, and we proudly designed a sustainable, metal thermo bottle from our Max Health Club brand to reduce even more (bottle) waste. We not only want to maintain this way of life, but even strive to improve it or be one step ahead of it. That’s why last year we set goals for ourselves that do our bit for the environment. We track our emissions, set goals in the organizational strategy and reduce things that have a negative impact on the environment. Curious about our social impact? View Max Health Club 2022‘s Social Handprint here.

Move inside and outside the club with us to healthy living!