Max Zen Day

Do you also feel like being completely pampered? Then come to the Max Zen Day on Saturday, March 4. A day where you take center stage and you go home recharged and relaxed. During this day, Joy and Eddie will provide 2 delicious workshops, lunch, guided sauna and you can connect with yourself and let go of what you no longer need.


Joy & Eddie together form the ZEN CARAVAN and travel throughout the Netherlands and the rest of Europe conducting workshops. Joy is a yoga teacher, dancer, singer, provides sound massages and teaches at MAX on Wednesday mornings. Eddie is a musician, movement & mobility specialist and coaches various athletes to optimize their performance. Together they combine their passion for movement and music in the workshops they provide. During this day, then, classes will be accompanied by the magical sounds of singing bowls, handpan, guitar, singing and more.


The program


The day begins with juice, we land with Max for a while, and then head into the first workshop. The first workshop is a yoga class with massage balls. In other words, a super relaxed class in which we give ourselves a gift. A gift in the form of self-massage, relaxation, loosening tissues, getting stiff spots moving again and all with live music! Our body is often in the same position and that creates tension, tension creates stiffness and stiffness creates and uncomfortable feeling. We will address this with a 90-minute session of self massage using massage balls. By bringing these balls to specific spots on the body, we can loosen, relax and experience what it feels like to REALLY let go, simultaneously with our breathing.


Then it’s time for lunch anyway. After the delicious lunch, we will have a little free time to relax and get into your own bubble. If you need some more guidance you can choose to join the Mindful Walk. When was the last time you really looked around when you were hiking? One often walks from A to B because you have to go somewhere. During this Mindful Walk we will “be” in the moment. We are going to enjoy the feeling of walking, enjoy the nature around us and enjoy not having to do anything.


After the walk or some free time, we will make our way back to the yoga room and will immerse ourselves in the world of Yin Yoga. In yin, we will hold certain, relaxed, positions a little longer. We are going to relax, we are going to let go and we are going to let ourselves be carried away by magical sounds. Yin & Sound gives you the ultimate relaxation at the end of your day. Along with Eddie’s live music, we will completely relax in Joy’s delightful Yin poses.


If that’s not enough, we spend the last 45min enjoying the sauna. Guided by a meditative exercise, we are really going to enjoy the last moment of the day. The bubble at MAX is complete and brings you the most relaxing day you’ve had in ages!


11:00 start with juice
11.30 – 13.00 Yoga with massage balls
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch
14.00 – 15.00 Mindful walk
15.00 – 16.30 Yin & Sound
16.45 – 17.30 Guided Sauna

€85 to participate