Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is a form of indoor cycling where you work on strengthening your muscles, endurance and improving your fitness. Is indoor cycling new to you? Then indoor cycling classes in The Hague may be a good option. At these indoor cycling classes, you can count on the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Indoor Cycling in The Hague

Max Health Club is better known as one of the best gyms in The Hague, especially if you are looking for indoor cycling in The Hague. In our family business, the focus is on creating more awareness of health and following a healthier lifestyle. This is why we offer professional guidance and support from experienced indoor cycling instructors during an indoor cycling class.

Reasons to take up indoor cycling lessons are more than plentiful. During an indoor cycling class, your body burns a lot of calories in a fairly short period of time. In addition, indoor cycling classes do not stress your joints and muscles, increase endurance, stimulate blood flow and you can do indoor cycling at home on your own as well as in the gym in a group setting. Other reasons to start indoor cycling class is that you can choose the type of workout and level, you can exercise it anytime and indoor cycling is suitable for everyone: both young and old, male and female benefit from indoor cycling class.

Indoor cycling types at Max Health Club

If you want to start indoor cycling for extra fitness, endurance and increased strength, you have several options at Max Health Club when it comes to group classes. These include Power Cycling, Freestyle Cycling and Cycle Shape. Each indoor cycling group class is taught in the indoor cycling studio under the guidance of a fitness instructor.

Power cycling
With Power Cycling, you choose group classes where you cycle intensively for 45 minutes. This is always based on your own FTP, your Functional Threshold Power. In simple terms, this is about the force with which you press on the pedals. You can track the intensity of your Power Cycling on a large screen. Our instructor provides professional guidance, allowing you to build your fitness at your own pace.

Freestyle cycling
Freestyle cycling involves an old school “bike ride. You do not need an FTP test for these group classes. This involves building your fitness and endurance in an enjoyable way. Playfully, you’re doing intervals, high intensity, racing and climbing. Serious goals, but brought lightheartedly.

Cycle shape
Cycle shape is also, of course, all about workouts on bikes. During these indoor cycling classes, you use light hand weights. The class is more than a workout. Through various environmental effects, such as loud music, disco lights and visuals, your body automatically produces endorphins. Of course, here too you will receive guidance from an experienced instructor. So build your fitness and enjoy!

In addition to indoor cycling, Max Health Club also offers fitness in a large gym, aerobics, yoga, sauna, pool and a variety of group classes that both young and old can take. By keeping your body moving regularly, you provide more balance, not only physically, but also mentally. This gives you more inner peace and makes you more stress resistant.

Request your trial week immediately

If you want to start indoor cycling soon, Max Health Club is the place to be. After all, our gym is known as one of the best sports facilities for indoor cycling for a reason. Max Health Club puts the focus mainly on people’s health and tries to be particularly involved in creating additional awareness on healthier living. By the way, with questions you can always contact us.

If you are considering indoor cycling at Max Health Club, you have the option to request a completely cost-free trial week first so you can experience the gym for yourself. A trial week can be described as a week of unlimited use of facilities when it comes to indoor cycling, completely free of charge. After the 7-day trial period, you can decide to what extent you will actually join indoor cycling. You can find us in Scheveningen and The Hague Voorburg.