Circuit training

Circuit training is designed to improve strength, flexibility and endurance and is carried out at a higher intensity and speed.  It also helps to lose some of those unwanted kilos! A typical workout involves 10 to 20 different exercises each focussing on a separate muscle group in the body. The switch between exercises is immediate thus giving no time for rest in between!

When all exercises have been performed a rest period of 2 to 5 minutes is allowed before commencing the next circuit. A training session typically contains 3 to 5 circuits.

Circuit training in The Hague

A circuit workout increases your heart rate which strengthens your muscles and improves your conditional endurance. On top of that, the whole body is trained, each muscle group is taxed individually during circuit training and you save an enormous amount of time because of the short rest breaks. By the way, you burn a lot of fat and get a tighter body through circuit training. During a circuit workout, you will be challenged by your fitness instructor over and over again to go for it with all your might.

Circuit training benefits at Max Health Club

At Max Health Club, healthy living and creating more awareness toward better health is number one. Indeed, it is essential for us to ensure that this world remains as healthy as possible for the next generation(s). In addition to circuit training, Max Health Club also offers fitness, personal training, aerobics classes, yoga, boxing, swimming, wellness, spinning, pilates and the use of gym equipment, among others. So if you want to do other workouts in addition to circuit training fitness, you can do them all at the same location.

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Ready to build the body of your dreams? Effectively lower your fat percentage for a tighter, more shapely body with more definition? It is possible. Circuit training is often used to lose weight. In addition, it is an excellent way to get healthy exercise. Request your trial week with Max Health right away and try it out. You can come to us for circuit training in Scheveningen and circuit training in Voorburg.