People are increasingly taking up boxing to boost physical and mental health. According to figures, more than 70,000 Dutch people do boxing, and this number is expected to keep rising. Indeed, the many benefits of boxing fitness are becoming more highlighted as the years go by, making people more quickly curious about boxing and the possibilities this sport can bring.


Boxing in The Hague

There are more than enough reasons to start boxing in The Hague. First of all, you can get slimmer from boxing class because you burn a lot of calories while doing this sport. In addition to boxing burning calories, get stronger and more flexible muscles. On top of this, by the way, boxing reduces stress in everyday life, gives you more energy and boosts your social skills. By taking boxing classes, your mental frame improves and you are able to defend yourself better which naturally causes your self-confidence and self-respect to go up as well.

Boxing bag training at Max Health Club

Are you curious about boxing in The Hague? Then for the best boxing classes you are without a doubt at Max Health Club. In fact, at our gym you can do boxing fitness, boxing fitness and boxing bag training. Boxing bag training is one of the most popular group exercise classes you can take at Max Health Club, either on your own or with your friends.

You can do a no-obligation intake at Max Health Club to experience the region’s best gym for yourself. In addition, we offer unlimited boxing classes under the guidance of an expert boxing trainer. Besides boxing, you can also use the sauna, pool, spa, fitness, aerobic, yoga and much more at Max Health Club. For us, creating more awareness when it comes to human health is number one. In this way, we want to ensure that we leave behind a healthier, better world for the next generation.

Request your trial week immediately

Max Health Club state over the years has earned the title as one of the best sports facilities in The Hague for good reason. If you have any questions about boxing, boxing bag training, boxing fitness and the like, you can always contact us.

Are you considering joining Max Health Club so you can work on your fitness, strength, coordination and weight? The possibilities are almost endless with us and you have the opportunity to book a trial week with us. A trial week is a week in which you can have unlimited use of all the facilities in the gym without paying a penny. After this trial week, you can make a decision whether you want to become a member of Max Health Club. With us you can get boxing in Scheveningen.